I grew up on stage as a competitive dancer and performer. Surrounded by artists, dancers and musicians, I strive to incorporate my Fine Arts education and 20 years of dance training into my creative process. 

As a young girl, I traveled throughout North America and Europe competing as an Irish dancer, not only gaining experiences of a lifetime but gaining knowledge of other cultures, people and perspectives. I believe that all voices should be heard, all interpretations and opinions should be considered and all people should be accepted. Business, regardless of what field it centers on, is about relationships and human connections and we as human beings tend to judge and make assumptions too quick to be accurate. I aim to build relationships, learn about others' backgrounds, and blur the categorical lines in all that I create. 

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts focused in Graphic Design and Photography at the University of Wisconsin Madison, as well as a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from the Wisconsin School of Business focused in Marketing. 

Current Projects:

Projects Assistant | Cream City Labs, Northwestern Mutual

Graphic Designer, Photographer and Creative Business Strategist | Rundell Redesign

Dancer, Milwaukee Irish Dance Company

Graphic Designer | Photographer | Business Woman

Sent From My iPad 

BFA Exhibition 

Curator and Exhibiting Artist

APRIL - 2018

AIGA Graphic Design Exhibition 

Curator and Exhibiting Artist 

APRIL - 2018


Undergraduate and Graduate Photography Exhibition

Curator and Exhibiting Artist 


Beyond Print

Undergraduate UI/UX Exhibition 

DECEMBER 17 - 21, 2018